We provide flooring for offices, domestic areas, conference rooms, reception areas, retail outlets, commercial displays, retail showrooms and flooring for use in highly demanding industrial situations.


Laminated flooring is becoming increasingly popular. It is extremely durable and easy to care for. In fact, it is the most hygienic flooring solution imaginable.


A high density wood particle board designed especially for flooring. It available as tongue and groove or square-edged and can be quickly and easily laid. It comes in a range of panel sizes. It offers the precision and stability of an engineered product and provides an excellent base surface for subsequent floor-laying operations.

Flooring from Somerset Panels is available as:

Tongued and Grooved

Designed to give tight, easily fitting joints with maximum strength.


An advanced, high performance, insulated flooring panel.

‘Peel Clean’

A durable, protective, polythene film can be quickly and easily peeled off, once the building work is completed, to leave a smooth, clean, non-slip surface for the laying of carpet or vinyl flooring. It saves all that time and effort spent in removing the plaster, paint, mud and stuff accumulated during building.


Developed specifically for floating floor applications where the board is not permanently fixed down and for areas of higher humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms where a greater degree of dimensional stability may be required.

Each panel is protected by natural coated laminates, highly impregnated with durable adhesive to give a surface extremely resistant to staining, the ingress of water from spills and to the passage of atmospheric moisture from the surroundings.


Pro-Floor is a high density flooring grade chipboard engineered for long lasting performance under extreme loading and stress. Its excellent strength and physical characteristics make it particularly suitable for mezzanine floor-type systems.

Pro-Floor’s simple, square centred tongue and groove profile means the panels are easy to lay, either way up, keeping installation costs to a minimum.


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